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About me

Who am I?

I'm Oliver Scargo, years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed jumping behind computers and figuring out how they work.

These days, I'm a college graduate and right now back in school to learn more about hardware and embedded systems. I've been raised with computers and the internet and still find out new things to learn about.

Skills & Tools

I've started my adventure with HTML and CSS and learned more with college about PHP and JS. While my intenships I learned a lot about Wordpress and managing clients, now I work with Embedded Systems at HvA.


Web-developer at SEOlab

Sep 2019 - Feb 2020
  • SEOlab was a great time, I worked with amazing and sweet colleagues. And I learned a ton too, especially SEO of course. Our sites were perfectly optimized for SEO.
  • Next to SEO I also learned a lot more about design, Wordpress and working with smaller teams compared to my other jobs.
Seolab Logo

Account Coördinator at PREMIUMS

Feb 2019 - Jul 2019
  • While I was present at PREMIUMS I didn't start with many responsibilities but, after working my first 2 months there they promoted me to Account Coördinator. Which meant I had my own personally assigned clients.
  • Here I got some great experience with HTML, CSS and CSAT. And I really learned what it meant to be a web-developer.

Web-hosting at Netvictory

Mar 2017 - Jun 2017
  • I started with Netvictory as my first internship back in 2017, this was my first "technical" job. My daily operations were working with query's and sorting the database.
  • Here I learned back-end server hosting and working with SQL, I also got to work on hands in one of the biggest server rooms in Amsterdam.


Homepage of NovaOase
Solo Project


NovaOase was my first freelance projects, and the website needed to be a relaxing experience for her clients.

Here I worked with Wordpress custom templates and designing a great layout/style for the client. Feel free to check out the live site below.

Group Project

Nao Robot

This was my second group project while studying at HvA, here I worked in a team trying to program this NAO robot to help the elderly.

We ended up making a robot that can do all sorts of things such as: Playing rock paper scissors, dancing, and helping you cook!

Homepage of NovaOase
Homepage of NovaOase
Solo Project

Swipe Detector

This was a fun small project using LDR's to detect which way you hand is swiping above the LDR's, here I worked with an Raspberry Pi and Python.

Like all my other projects you can check out the finished result on my github.

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for more information you can also check out my CV.